Sauna Papi & His Right Hand Man

Welcome to the world of Sauna Papi and his right-hand man, Harrison. At the heart of this partnership is a shared passion for wellness, community, and personal growth. Together, they have developed a lifestyle that combines the power of breathwork, sauna, cold therapy, and movement to help people thrive in all areas of their lives.

The Sauna Papi is none other than Luis, the founder of Embrace North, a sauna and cold therapy service. Luis's name developed organically through countless sauna sessions with close friends, who recognized his passion for creating a space where people could connect and share an experience while working through extreme heats.

With the help of his right-hand man, Harrison Klein, a breathing guru, Luis has now formalized the Sauna Papi lifestyle, applying breath to essential stressors such as sauna, cold, and exercise. This approach has transformed their lives and they are now excited to share it with the world.

Through workshops, classes, and retreats, Sauna Papi and Harrison offer a structured approach to wellness that enables individuals to develop a toolbox around breath and mindset, better equipping them to handle the stressors of life.

The Sauna Papi Lifestyle.

Welcome to the Sauna Papi Lifestyle, a unique approach to living that focuses on forming good habits and building systems to become 1% better every day.

Our lifestyle is based on six pillars: breath, cold therapy, sauna, movement, community, and nature.

At Sauna Papi, we believe in the convergence of ancient practices and healing rituals with modern-day trends to create the ultimate lifestyle approach. We teach you how to create awareness around your breath in all environments, embrace discomfort, and better manage the stressors of life. Our lifestyle is designed to help you heal and thrive, both physically and mentally.

Our six pillars are the foundation of the Sauna Papi Lifestyle. By focusing on breath, you can learn to control your thoughts and emotions, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase your focus and energy levels. Cold therapy helps to reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and increase your metabolism. Sauna is a powerful detoxifier, helps to improve circulation, and can aid in muscle recovery. Movement keeps your body strong and healthy, while also improving your mood and reducing the risk of chronic disease. Community provides support and encouragement, helping you to stay accountable and motivated. And finally, nature helps to ground us and reduce stress, while also providing a space for exercise and adventure.

The Sauna Papi Lifestyle is for anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. Whether you're an athlete, a busy professional, or just looking to improve your overall well-being, our lifestyle can help you achieve your goals. We offer a range of programs and services, including workshops, classes, and retreats, all designed to help you live your best life. So come join us at the Sauna Papi and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Sauna Papi Guidebook (ebook)!

Welcome to Sauna Papi - your guide to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Our enhanced ebook version of the Sauna Papi guidebook offers a comprehensive guide to the pillars of the Sauna Papi lifestyle. We'll teach you about breathwork, sauna therapy, cold exposure, and exercise, as well as show you why nature, journaling, and community are integral to living an optimized lifestyle.

You'll find inspiring stories from the founders of the Sauna Papi lifestyle, as well as detailed guides on the exercises and drills you need to start working on right now to take your health and wellness to the next level.

Our multimedia approach means that you'll have access to videos and audio clips to help you learn and practice at your own pace. Whether you're a seasoned health and wellness enthusiast or just starting out on your wellness journey, the Sauna Papi guidebook has something for everyone. Join us on the path to optimal health and wellness, and let's become Sauna Papis together."

The Sauna Papi using the Papi Stick to control his enviroment

Sauna Papi Mission

To create a community that embraces a fulfilling lifestyle rooted in human connection and wellness.

Our pillars are simple, yet transformative: learn to breathe properly, embrace the heat of sauna, invigorate your body with cold water, connect with nature, move your body, spread love, and encourage those around you.

At the heart of our mission is a desire to raise humanity and create a global following that serves communities around the world.

We believe that by coming together as a community and embracing these fundamental pillars, we can create a more balanced, fulfilling life for ourselves and those around us. Join us on our mission to spread the Sauna Papi movement and elevate humanity.

Your Key To Breathe Control

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  • Lifestyle Approach

    It is conditioning the body to better respond to stressors and the modaiiltes are not excluisve of each other.

  • The Sauna Papi using the Papi Stick to control his enviroment

    Sauna Sessions

    Sauna use is a lifestyle practice for ongoing purification, cleansing and healing. Sauna Papi takes his sauna sessions to increase lifespan and extend healthspan.

  • Cold Exposure

    Cold is one of our most powerful allies to building a healthy body and resilient mind. The cold induces 'eustress' which helps our body better adapt to bad stress, or 'distress'.

  • Breath & Mvmt

    Developing a breathing and movement pratice is core to the Sauna Papi's lifestyle. Breath is the key to maximizing your sauna and cold sessions, but it is also the key component of efficent movement.

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Increased circulation

Reduces pain in muscles & joints

Boosts metabolic health & aids in weight loss

Induces better sleep

Improves Skin health

Antiaging benefits


Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Mood booster

Reduces depression


Reduces inflammation

Reduces muscle soreness

Increases physcial performance

Produces heat shock proteins

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