Meet The Sauna Papi & His Right Hand Man

The Sauna Papi is a person but it is also a lifestyle! His name is Luis, but make no mistake, he IS the papi of the sauna. His name developed organically through countless sauna sessions as the founder of Embrace North, a sauna and cold therapy service.

One day, Luis was in a session with close friends, dumping water on the rocks and filling the sauna with cedar essential oil aroma, facilitating the conversation. His peers acknowledged what Luis already knew he was passionate about - creating a space for people to share an experience working through extreme heats and connecting on a deeper level.

Now Luis has teamed up with Breathing Guru Harrison Klein and they have developed structure around the lifestyle by applying breath to essential stressors (i.e. sauna, cold and exercise) to enable humans to develop a tool box around breath and mindset to better respond to stressors of life. This approach has completely transformed their lives and now they want to share it with the masses!

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The Sauna Papi Lifestyle.

It's not just heat therapy and the physical benefits that come with it - it is a mind, body and soul healing experience. The Sauna Papi is redefining human connection in the chaotic digital world we all live in today. But we can only say so much, you need to experience it for yourself.

The Sauna Papi using the Papi Stick to control his enviroment

Sauna Papi Mission

Mission: Our mission is to create a community around the Sauna Papi lifestyle by getting back to our human roots and expericing a more fullfilled lifestyle! The pillars of the Sauna Papi's lifestyle are simple; learn to breathe properly, get hot via sauna, get cold via cold water, get to nature, move your body, spread love, encourage people around you and come together as a community. The Sauna Papi is a movement with the power to raise humanity, and create a global following that serves communities around the world.

Your Key To Breathe Control
  • Lifestyle Approach

    The Sauna Papi uses sauna and cold therpay, in additon to a number of other modailites to develop a lifestyle practice to improving health, wellness & longevity. It is conditioning the body to better respond to stressors and the modaiiltes are not excluisve of each other.

  • The Sauna Papi using the Papi Stick to control his enviroment

    Sauna Sessions

    Sauna use is a lifestyle practice for ongoing purification, cleansing and healing. Sauna mimics exercise, but is also an avenue to induce mindfullness, so the Sauna Papi takes his sauna sessions seriously to increase lifespan and extend healthspan.

  • Cold Exposure

    Cold is one of our most powerful allies to building a healthy body and resilient mind. The cold induces 'eustress' which helps our body better adapt to bad stress, or 'distress'. Over time our body becomes better at handeling extreme cold and we get an array of benefits in our autonomic nervous system and immune system.

  • Breath & Mvmt

    Developing a breathing and movement pratice is core to the Sauna Papi's lifestyle. Breath is the key to maximizing your sauna and cold sessions, but it is also the key component of efficent movement. When you can learn to control your breath, you can better control all aspects of life, espcially, sauna, cold and movement.

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Increased circulation

Reduces pain in muscles & joints

Boosts metabolic health & aids in weight loss

Induces better sleep

Improves Skin health

Antiaging benefits


Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Mood booster

Reduces depression


Reduces inflammation

Reduces muscle soreness

Increases physcial performance

Produces heat shock proteins

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